Heavy Equipment Services

Use Jess Morris Trucking and Excavating Services in Simcoe For:
Screen Top Soil (pick up or delivery)
Tri-mix Soil (pick up or delivery)
Water Mains
Sewer Work
Basements & Foundations
Hoe Ram and Hoe Pack
Snow Removal & Snow Hauling
Parking Lot Salting
Parking Lot Sanding
 New construction lot levelling & grading
Cluverts & Ditch Digging/Excavating
Septic Bed Installation / Removal
Sewer Camera & Drain Scoping
Heavy Equipment Floating

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All of our equipment and operator agreements are discussed and arranged in person, please call: 1-519-428-9292 or 1-519-861-0831

Backhoe dumping with hounds